HP Content Marketing Product RoadMap

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Jason Hasselkaus, VP HP Multi Channel Marketing discussing product roadmap
Jason Hasselkaus, VP HP Multi Channel Marketing discussing product roadmap

It was not exactly an “Interwoven GearUp 2013”, but quite close. HP has been increasingly engaging with it’s customers and integration partners in providing a vision and direction for its Content Marketing products. On Dec 5th, we (HP, customers and Integration partners) met at The New Yorker Hotel in NYC to discuss  the trends and road-map for it’s products.

Here are some key take-aways from the meet-up:

  • TeamSite 7.4.1 – It’s an incremental update to already released TS 7.4 that is expected to be released mid December 2013. This update has multi-language support for TeamSite interface and some minor bug fixes. If you are using LiveSite Content Services versions older than 7.4, you should consider moving up. This version has over 100 updates to LiveSite and IDOL integration that will boost runtime performance and ease product maintenance.
  • TeamSite Mobile App – for iOS and Android to be released in Jan 2014. This is a free app that connects to your corporate TeamSite servers and provides rich features like simple Content Edits and Workflow Approvals
  • TeamSite Mobile App, when released in Jan, will need a small Server update to enable mobile features
  • MediaBin Mobile App – already available on iOS. But disclaimer here – we were unable to find it in the AppStore. We’ll have an update on this after we follow up with our friendly HP folks.
  • There was a lot of interest and discussion around the Cloud Hosted products. TeamSite, MediaBin and some related products like Explore (based on BigData platform HaVEN) and Optimost (product for MVT Testing) will be available in various standard flavors in the Cloud. In our opinion, the Cloud based solution, due to it’s infancy, has still some ways to go before it can satisfy the demanding appetite of global enterprise customers who concerns related to Security and Integrations. That said, HP has apparently some early adopters to this solution and is working towards making this into a truly viable solution.
  • Great discussions around Mobile, Responsive Design and how HP TeamSite and LiveSite solves this marketing issue. We already blogged about Mobile features in an earlier post, so we will not go into details here.
  • TeamSite 8.0 is  going to be a pretty major upgrade to the current platform. Some of the features that are of key interest to us are –
    1. 64-bit processing at all levels of the system. Currently, the Java based LiveSite runtimes and the TeamSite interface ARE 64-bit, but the underlying iw-server is at 32-bit.
    2. Unique identifiers for content assets – This to us, from a developer perspective is going to be huge. For one, it provides new ways to linking content across TeamSite branches and ensuring links are not broken when assets are renamed or moved. While the current Dependency Manager does a decent job of finding dependency regardless, this core update will be a big boon to maintaining even better content integrity across CMS processes.
    3. Fundamental upgrade to the UI: Cross browser functionality for all features of the CMS is a key feature. With this core update to the UI fundation, HP product management foresees a UI infrastructure that not only supports existing browsers, but provides for easy adoptability to future browsers and devices. Context driven user-experiences WITHIN the Authoring system will also be a key feature coming out of this UI upgrade.

If you are a HP customer interested in these topics, you should reach out to us for a complimentary one-on-one review.

Socializing a product before it goes live is, in our opinion very important for a product’s success, and HP is doing the right thing in this regard. Kudos HP team!