7 takeaways from HP Engage 2014

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HP brought together it’s customers and partners of it’s digital marketing line of products in Phoenix, AZ this fall. The event held in September over 3 days included
analysts, partners and customers interested in the following line of products:

  • HP Exstream
  • HP Qfiniti
  • HP TeamSite
  • HP Optimost
  • HP Explore
  • HP MediaBin
  • HP Aurasma


Autowoven was a proud silver sponsor and the team demonstrated  capabilities in Mobile First integration, HP TeamSite, LiveSite and IDOL products.

Without further ado, here are the 7 takeaways on the HP Engage 2014 event:

    1. HP repositions itself with Marketing Optimization to include all communications products including Print, Email and Web. Traditionally HP Exstream has been used for Print and Email, while TeamSite has been used for Web. Unlike the other product lines at the event, Exstream does not belong to the “old” Autonomy product line. You can read a little more about Exstream’s lineage here


    1. The turnout at the “party” was predonominantly Exstream and TeamSite customers – with very few overlapping customers. This shows that HP is keen on integrating traditionally print (read, Exstream) operations with web based marketing (TeamSite). An integrated approach to unify all customer communication channels was definitely welcomed by both customers and partners. From a customer perspective, it showcased that a single vendor (HP) can present end-to-end technology to meet all their customer communication needs.


    1. We saw HP customer service in action first hand –  HP set up a command center at the event to solve customers’  problems at the event. This was in undertaken in parallel to the really packed, back-to-back product sessions tha were held at the event.


    1. Exstream 9.0 with exstream editor announced. We saw customers fly in from Europe and South America just to see what the new versions had to offer.


    1. Teamsite versions 7.5 and 8.0 were announced with more detail. When Sunil Menon and Madhukar Kumar of TeamSite product engineering discussed “TeamSite Futures” it was a standing-room only event. Two key aspects of the announcements – a) an increased focus on improving usability of SitePublisher and the ability to create websites directly from mockups.
      b) Server side improvements including the move to a completely 64 bit stack. Currently, some aspects of the TeamSite/LiveSite/OpenDeploy stack are 64 bit while the core product line is 32 bit. The move to 64 bit should significantly improve authoring performance.


    1. MediaBin integration with TeamSite will continue to play a key role as customer demand shows. Talking to customers at the event has shown that MediaBin continues to be a strong product that is in good demand by customers. Both Exstream and TeamSite customers we spoke to were looking for Digital Asset Management capabilities that MediaBin has to offer. On the flip side, we did see some customers who wanted to see a better integration between MediaBin workflows and TeamSite workflows.


    1. Last but not least, the Mobile First approach to web based customer engagement is, as expected, in high demand. The TeamSite / LiveSite product line has matured well over time and is now able to provide enterprise customers consistent, cross-device web communication channel. The event show cased customers both Adaptive and Responsive techniques that are available to customers to enable their websites to be mobile device friendly.


Overall, a great event that was well attended and nicely done. Kudos to the HP Engage team who brought it together.