First take – Review of HP Marketing Hub Product launch

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trump-hotel-nyc I was not expecting much from the event at Trump SOHO hotel in NYC (picture from 42nd floor overlooking lower west side). Perhaps, an announcement of HP TeamSite 8.0, maybe MediaBin integration enhancements with the new Rich Media Manager. But what Rafiq Mohammed – CEO of the Content Marketing business line at HP, Sunil Menon – CTO, and Madhukar Kumar – WCM Product Manager demonstrated was something really neat.

The HP Marketing Hub (#HPDMH on Twitter) is a real game changer. It integrates the following upgraded products into a single cloud based suite:

HP TeamSite 7.4 on the Cloud – When organizations do not have to host a CMS in-house it  adds to their productivity.You can see a demo login to TeamSite 7.4 on the cloud here:  I don’t promise this link to work for long, so here’s a screenshot of the new TeamSite login page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 1.05.31 PM

HP Livesite – Website rendering engine with Segmentation and Targeting features. What’s new with this version of LiveSite is that business users no longer need to build numerous Targeting Rules – which can be a pain to manage. It has a new feature called “Smart Rules Management” where LiveSite learns based on simple iterative actions. Here’s a screen shot of the demo:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.57.54 PM

HP Optimost – The way Optimost’s MVT technology works with LiveSite is pretty cool. As a business user, you build multiple layouts and based on LiveSite Targeting module and Optimost’s MVT logic, the best landing page (or other) content is delivered to end users without any complex software code – Impressive!


HP Explore – The Marketing Hub provides access to cloud-hosted HP Explore. Explore provides a neat dashboard feature with REAL-TIME analytics. Here’s a rather fuzzy screenshot of the demo:


We could see correlation to Obama and the just announced Congress deal on the Shutdown. We could also glean information on  sentiment analysis on “Obama Care” vs “Affordable Healthcare Act” – a valuable tool, if you ask me…on how you market your content (or products).

[Updated 10/22/2013: Here’s a little more about HP Explore. Explore is a “Big Data” analytics engine with a dash-board like interface. Past versions of HP Explore were stand-alone, powered by IDOL search engine. Using specific “Connectors” Explore can glean semantics from the data it munges – in this case Twitter and other social media. Now, what is new is the integration of this powerful, BigData Analytics with Web Content Management – so marketers can take action on the analytics from within a single platform. There’s a nice video on YouTube here if you are interested ]


Overall, great stuff! All these products bundled into a single suite available instantly on the web… to me and my clients, is a game changer!