TeamSite 7.4.1 Patch / Update 1

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HP TeamSite 7.4.1 along with LSCS and LSDS has over 100 updates and bug fixes since version 7.3.2.

While this includes several usability features, the new 7.4.1 version does have a bug. This blog post gives some background on the affected feature and the bug information. If you are not an existing HP TeamSite user, you may ignore this blog post 🙂

Components are re-usable widgets within TeamSite that can be used across multiple websites. For example, you may have a “Contact Us” component that may be used across multiple websites. The CSS Styles for each instance of “Contact Us” component may inherit it’s respective website’s global CSS and therefore provide a different look-n-feel, yet have consistent features.

As a TeamSite developer, you may build the “Contact Us” component using and preview how it appears in various websites from within your component development (TeamSite) workarea. All you would do is select from a drop-down, the list of available websites and the component would render within the site specific context.

Bug information:
This feature has existed as long as SitePublisher was an integral part of TeamSite. However, in TeamSite 7.4.1 this feature no longer works. When you preview the component from within the Component Development workarea – which may have a path  like so:



It would throw an error.

The workaround, which is a pain in the you-kno-where, is to navigate to each site, drop the component into a sample page, and test within each page how the component renders.


Request HP Support for patch number LS-10503
The patch consists of a zip file that you would extract on the TeamSite server.

For each included tk.war file in the patch.

1. Back up existing <name>.tk.war in <ts_home>/private/lib/content_center
2. Copy new <name>.tk.war(s) in this directory
3. Run install_webapps.bat/sh in <ts_home>/install


and that’s it!

Happy Component Development from the Autowoven team!


Update Aug 4, 2014: Please note that as of this date, HP has released TeamSite 7.4 Update 1. Update 1 is like a service pack that includes several bug fixes including patch 1 that is mentioned above.