Upcoming TeamSite Releases

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Connecting with our buddies at HP at the recent HP Digital Marketing Hub product launch provided some insights into upcoming Web Content Management releases. We wanted to share this with our readers…

The latest, current GA release (General Availability) of TeamSite product suite (OpenDeploy and LiveSite included) is version 7.4.0

Version 7.4.1 will be available in November and version 8.0 is scheduled for first quarter of 2014.

As you may already know, TeamSite 7.4 adds mobile device rendering, among other new capabilities, and is an incremental upgrade over TeamSite 7.3.2. In other words, you cannot upgrade to 7.4 without first upgrading to version 7.3.2

Verion 7.4.1 provides deeper integrations between LiveSite Targeting module and Optimost, including the new Smart Rules Manager.

8.0 is supposed to be “revolutionary” and we can’t wait to get our hands dirty with it!

So long folks!