HP Autonomy's WCM Stack

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We are often asked by customers what's with all the product names and how what they do.. at least, at a high level. So, without much ado, here's a summary of product names and brief description of the key products within the “Interwoven” stack.

Interwoven – old company name,  alternatively used for the entire stack of HP Autonomy WCM products including the following:


  • TeamSite (TS) – Base content  management system
  • SitePublisher (SitePub) – Add on module to TeamSite  that allows WYSIWYG capability of site and page creation. It’s tightly integrated with TeamSite, so TeamSite and SitePublisher are often used interchangeably.
  • OpenDeploy (OD)-  a stand-alone product tightly integrated with TeamSite with advanced content deployment capabilities (eg. Transactional, fan-out, deletions, multi-tier, and other functionality)
  • LiveSite Content Services (LSCS) – a java application that provides a REST interface to the content repository in the run-time. It’s basically an advanced Search Engine.
  • IDOL – “Intelligent Data Operating Layer” – proprietary search engine that comes OEM with LSCS
  • LiveSite Display Services (LSDS)  – a java app that can render .page files (and also .site). It is often, but not necessarily, used with LSCS.
  •  Workflow Modeler –  a GUI based utility to create new workflows within TeamSite


There can be other products from HP in the mix, like MetaTagger or MediaBin, but for the most part, the products mentioned above form the key components of an end-to-end WCM solution.

Ask us if you have questions implementing these products.