Year: 2014

Top 5 reasons TeamSite Migration / Upgrade projects fail

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At autowoven we have seen our share of new TeamSite implementations as well as migration / upgrade projects.  While there are quite a few reasons why migration projects could fail. Here are the top 5 reasons.

  1. Not following the proper TeamSite version upgrade path
  2. Project led by an entity (team lead / professional services team) not having prior migration experience
  3. Not allocating necessary down time of systems
  4. Not considering encoding issues (visual format/ tinymce)
  5. Assuming APIs used in customizations are forward compatible

7 takeaways from HP Engage 2014

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HP brought together it’s customers and partners of it’s digital marketing line of products in Phoenix, AZ this fall. The event held in September over 3 days included

5 things you need to know about TeamSite Mobile module

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UPDATED September 16, 2014 – to reflect new, on-the-field, experiences delivering Mobile First design…



Starting TeamSite 7.4, HP users can  avail the mobile add-on module. Here are 5 things you need to know about this module:

Migrating/ Upgrading TeamSite Installations

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Migrating TeamSite Installations


This article describes how to take an existing TeamSite installation and rebuild or replicate it on a new server or on a new TeamSite release. It describes particular compatibility issues with backing store migration and lists some of the configuration and customization information that needs to be copied. Although this document is meant to address migration issues across all the supported platforms, it also gives steps needed to migrate from old TeamSite 6.x on Linux or AIX to TeamSite 7.1 on Linux.

TeamSite 7.4.1 Patch / Update 1

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HP TeamSite 7.4.1 along with LSCS and LSDS has over 100 updates and bug fixes since version 7.3.2.

While this includes several usability features, the new 7.4.1 version does have a bug. This blog post gives some background on the affected feature and the bug information. If you are not an existing HP TeamSite user, you may ignore this blog post 🙂

7 considerations for your TeamSite Upgrade

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There could be multiple business reasons to consider when you upgrade your enterprise content management system based on HP TeamSite. However, the following 7 technical factors should not be ignored.

1. Consider “modernizing” your website, not just your Content Management System. If your website front-end (HTML/CSS/JS) has been built more than 3 years ago, it is probably not using HTML5. It is probably not using CSS3 and more likely than not, it is not using one of the latest Javascript frameworks. What do the new front-end development tools provide that your old-site does not have? Think, Responsive Design. Think Cross-Browser compatibility. Think Customer Experience.